Vehicle Security

When it comes to your vehicle's security, ICE TECH trusts none other than the Compustar Pro 2 way system and so should you. The reason is simple:

When you hear your neighbor's alarm going off, do you even look? Be realistic here. When it happens in the middle of the night and it wakes you up, are you concerned, or upset that you've been disturbed? No one cares about your alarm or your car except for you.  What's the point in having a home alarm system if you don't have a monitoring service to call the police for you?

You see, these items - your car, your home - they're YOUR investments paid for with YOUR money, and that means you're the only person who really cares about them. When your neighbor's alarm goes off, you aren't concerned - you're annoyed! Do you really bother to get out of bed and look? Do you really think your neighbor will look out for you?

When you buy a home alarm, you buy a monitoring service that notifies you of any problems. If you are absent, they notify the Police.

When you buy OUR car alarm system, you get a 2-way pager that notifies you of any problems up to 6000' away!
What is the chance that you will be more then 6000' away from your car? Check out all of the features at Compustar.

$450 + HST (PRO2WFM-A)  will cover the parts and installation on most vehicles.
$650 + HST (PRO2WFM-AS) also offers remote starter integration.

Looking for something better? NO PROBLEM! We offer the DRONE system that notifies you via your SmartPhone should a problem arise. Lock, unlock or start your car with your SmartPhone. If someone touches your vehicle, you will know about it! Get the best from the best!

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