Reverse Sensors / Aids

Reverse aids are a great investment as they usually cost less then your insurance deductable.
The question is...Which one is right for you? Let's explore some options.

Reverse Sensors activate when your vehicle is switched into reverse gear. A good set of sensors will have 4 sonar detectors (more are better!) and audible beep that increases in frequency as you approach an object.

A great sensor kit will include a display which shows which one of those sensors is detecting the object, and tell you how far away from that object you are. A great sensor kit will ignore stationary objects on your vehicle such as a trailer hitch or a bicycle rack. A great sensor kit will let you turn off that "beeping" noise just in case a little one is sleeping in the back.

Below is an image of 4 sensors mounted below         Below is an image of the display installed in a 2010 Ford
the rear bumper of a new truck. The install shown     F150. The display can also be mounted upside down 
is one option for steel bumpers. In-bumper                behind the rear view mirror which is sensible as it not only  mounted sensors are available, and can be color      hides from your driving vision, but sits right where you look 
matched to your vehicle                                              when you back up.

 is the manufacturer of these sensors that we recommend. Why not see if they offer anything you like?

Reverse Cameras are are a great alternative. In many applications, knowing an object is behind you just doesn't help. Sometimes you need to see around that blind spot at your rear such as when connecting a trailer. The problem lies in the application. As there are so many vehicles on the road today with so many applications, choosing the right display is difficult. A good night vision camera is a must - don't cheap out here! But as you sit in your driver's seat, imagine where a small display screen could be mounted without intruding into your driving space or view of the road.

If your vehicle is currently equipped with a basic rear view mirror, replacing it with a display mirror may be your best option. Check out the video on this web page to see what we mean.

If your vehicle has a factory NAV screen, it may be possible to have it modified to play video and display a rear camera. Send us an e-mail with your year, make and model, and we will let you know what we can do for you.

If all else fails you may need an auxiliary display. Don't worry! We have lots of discreet options. Call us!