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This is a great shot of our fall 2009 to spring 2010 co-op student Micheal. Our applause for his efforts. Micheal earned 5 credits during his term with us. Well done! In this picture, he's showing off a full day's efforts in a 2007 Toyota Sienna.
    We installed a Rosen Z-10 all-in-one DVD system in the front, and added a slave screen for the rear row.
   The rear second row monitor is a slave unit model # PT-110CM. Screen size is 11.2".

Matt is the precision engineer. Of course, most people
never get to see just how much work is put into a little job
like this. In this image, Matt is running the wires required
to install reverse sensors in a 2010 Ford F150. Matt is
only 6'3" tall and in the above picture he's just about stuck.