GPS Tracking

Not to be confused with Satelite Navigation, GPS Tracking is an Automated Vehicle Locator device installed in your vehicle. This Modem logs movement, records the data, tranfers the data via 3G and 4G cellular and global satelite networks to the providers servers where you can log on to the User Interface via your internet connected smartphone tablet laptop or desktop and view your fleets driving history.

While the richness of data varies between suppliers GPS Tracking AVL systems can record the vehicle's location, past locations visited, speed traveled, idle time, fuel consumption, driver behavior check engine lights vehicle trouble codes landmark visits, legth of client visits and set boundaries crossed . With that information, you can assess needs, efficiencies, liabilities, and abuse.

Family Use:

When Junior comes home saying he went "nowhere", but a half tank of gas is missing, you'll get the real story. You won't worry when your daughter is late coming home from work in winter, and you'll know your husband isn't really working late...he's golfing! Your wife isn't really out with her curling club, she's tailgating! Always know where your car, truck, SUV or motor home is. Set up "Geo-Fence" boundaries, so you are notified if your vehicle crosses an invisible line or limit. Record speeding infractions and be notified when limits are being pushed. Connect to your Remote Start system to lock, unlock, or start your car from anywhere your computer or smart phone can connect. Watch here to see how simple this can be!

Work Use:
Record every kilometer you drive your vehicle for business purposes so you can submit a comprehensive report to your employer, or Revenue Canada. Show your boss reports that display your true speed, mileage and fuel consumption without dispute. Make sure you get the proper tax credits you deserve at tax time, and back up your claim with monthly reports of the details you want CRA to see, and not the parts they don't need to know about.

Business Use:

Good help is hard to find. With that in mind... You may wish to know if your employee is taking an extra 5 or 10 minutes on their lunch break, but you probably don't care. You may believe that using the company dump truck to pull a stump out of a good employee's yard on a Saturday afternoon is no big deal, as long as he pays for the fuel, or that may be an infraction to your Code of Conduct. Taking the service van to the grocery store on the way home may be admissible, or it could be a contract violation. Claiming 15% personal usage on the company car may be exactly what your salesman is submitting, but is it accurate? Does it matter? But...Do you know the truth? Click HERE to see a review of this technology (US only Product, cell carrier dependent)

We have all seen the taxpayer funded Fire Truck sitting outside of the grocery store. We have all seen the construction company supervisor truck dropping his wife at WalMart on Sunday. We have all watched as lazy workmen loaf at the side of the road with company vehicles idling. These could be your employees. You may care about company policy violations, and if you have a good GPS system, you'll know. You probably are more interested in efficiencies, logistics, and customer service delivered on time.

Did they get the oil changed on time? Has the vehicle been serviced recently according to it's maintenance schedule? Is the vehicle crossing into competitor's territory violating supply contracts? Is the vehicle the closest responder to a service call? Is the vehicle idling unnecessarily? Is the "Check Engine" light on and if so, why? Is the vehicle crossing paths with another vehicle on your fleet inefficiently? Who is the closest to respond? How can mileage be reduced? How can fuel be better used? How can man-hours be better spent? These are the Dollars of Your Business, and being able to analyze this information at a glance may save you thousands of dollars each year!

Monitor your employee, and manage your company! Know that your company is GREEN, and your vehicles are not idling. Know your driver obeys the speed limit. Know that each penny spent on your fleet vehicle was justified, and print the report that proves it! Get the tax benefits you deserve for you efforts. Know why the delivery 10 minutes away took 3 hours.

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Sub Prime Car Loans / Pay-As-You-Go GPS

Some people have bad credit. The reason is none of our business. They still need a vehicle.
We offer offer Sub Prime AVLs which 

If you're a car dealer, you CAN sell a car to the person that is hopelessly declined by including this program in your sale.

In no time, a GPS immobilizer AVL system is installed in the vehicle prior to purchase and if the weekly loan payments aren't made, the vehicle is tracked and recovered.

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