Mobile Entertainment / DVD Systems

In this day and age of the i-pad, tablets, and inexpensive portable DVD players, our customers are still smart enough to invest in real Rear-Seat Entertainment Systems, and for good reason! What do they know, and what should you know too?
  • They know that in the event of a collision, a tablet in hand can become a very thin, very sharp, and very fast moving projectile that can cause serious injury or death. Worse, these units are frequently used in vehicles while connected to wires (charging, headphones) that turn the tablet into a fixed projectile. Sadly this happens far too often, and the number of deaths caused by this worldwide are staggering.
  • They know that in the event of a break-in to a vehicle, it is the HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE POLICY that covers loose and portable goods and belongings that were stolen and NOT the Auto Insurance policy. Most Homeowner's Policies have a $1000 or higher deductable, but the broken window and damage to the vehicle is covered under the Auto Policy which usually has an additional deductable of around $500. And then there's the personal information, treasured photos, and confidential information that is lost to thieves as well....

Why are our systems a better idea? First, every unit we sell and install are CRASH TESTED. This means that in the event of a 5-star collision, they will not break loose and become a deadly projectile. This one fact is something that is usually never considered by someone researching their options.

Consider our Flagship unit, the X-10 by Rosen.

This unit is hands-down the very best unit we have ever had the pleasure of selling and installing. The fact that it comes with a 3 year no-questions-asked direct exchange warranty should say it all. Try getting that from the "Big Box" stores without having to pay more! The mounting design is the strongest we have used, which is important to consider. Side-load DVD is important - your front passenger can change movies on the fly - without you needing to pull over and stop your vehicle. Audio comes from either wireless headphones, or plays through the existing vehicle audio system.

This kit with built-in 10.4" screen includes 2 wireless headphones which fold flat for storage, and a built-in family friendly violence-free video game system (and wireless controller) so your young ones can stay entertained after they wear out the Sponge Bob DVD. Oh, and yes, the batteries ARE included!

It has an AUX input to connect an external game system, it has an HDMI input to connect your smart-phone or other device, it has a USB input to load movies and music...AND....

IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE ROCU STICK!!!!  This means that you can have over 1000 channels of internet-TV streamed to the back seat of your vehicle. Think NETFLIX. Think HOCKEY GAME. Think of a happy family who aren't missing the latest episode of their favorite TV show while your are making good time on your trip!

Available in Grey or Tan (Sand) colors.        $999.95 Installed
Also available as the Z-8 (8" screen) without video games for $799.95

Have something else in mind?

Check out these links. They will bring you to the websites of the few companies we believe make good quality products that we can stand behind. Remember, we only sell products we believe in. If you see something that you may be interested in, drop us an e-mail and let us know. We'll get you a price as quickly as we can!

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