About Us

We at ICETECH are not mechanics. We don’t replace spark plugs or change oil. We don’t inspect brakes and we are the last place you should contact when you need your engine repaired in any way shape or form. That should be the main reason you’re reading about us now. We are Automotive Electronic Accessory Technicians, and we’re some of the few licensed by the Province of Ontario (310k) to do just that.

We are also INSURED to do this job.

At ICETECH we live to work on vehicle wiring. Upfitting is not just our job - it’s our hobby and has been for years! We have more than 22 years of experience installing more than 700 remote car starters per year! There are only a few cars that we can’t start by remote control, but unless your car is a Ferrari FXX, we have you covered. Remote start is just a small part of our business. We sell and install a wide range of in demand accessories from Auto Starts to xenon lights carrying brands ranging from Astroflex to Zenisis.

A family doctor has a bit of knowledge about everything. A specialist practices in their field. If your feet hurt you don’t go to a brain surgeon. If your back hurts you don’t go to a dermatologist. At home, you would never hire a roofer to replace your windows. Why would you bring your car to a mechanic to have its wiring system altered or repaired?

Ask your mechanic if they would check out your wiring troubles, and they’ll say the same thing time and time again – “we don’t want to, but we will. It’ll cost you”. Any good mechanic will refer you to a wiring specialist, and most mechanics will refer you to us. They’ve dealt with us in years past and know we are rarely defeated.

Ask questions first and know that from ICETECH, answers are always free.

Let’s introduce you to the guys behind the name

is owned and operated by two good friends who have known each other since the 1990's.

Jared Goodall has been installing from age 16. His hobby is model train sets and model rockets. His resume includes most of Ottawa’s aftermarket retailers including the Big-Box providers. He was playing with wiring and circuitry at age 7 and his favorite book was the Radio Shack catalog. Jared is the wiring wizard who is very rarely defeated by any problem he encounters. email or 613 229 0773

Matthew Dickinson enjoys fabrication, painting and mountain biking as hobbies. He has previous experience with auto body repair, mechanics, and parts sourcing. His specialty is custom fabrication. If you have some sort of concern regarding vehicle customization or integration, it’s Matthew you want to speak to. He's also our GPS expert. email or 613 983 9071